Among the several services we offer, our underlying mission is to offer our loyal clients a one-stop shop for all logistical solutions. Because we take your project from its origin, our intention is to start and end any delivery cycle with client satisfaction achieved at each phase.


Whatever the problem or obstacle to come our way, we will overcome it because our company promotes hard work, ingenuity, and transparency. Arab Transit shares and updates clients on the whereabouts and statuses of their shipment at all times, as well as provide full reports upon job completion to identify backlogs and improve efficiency.

Customers appreciate the option to find out more, leading to a stronger and more trustworthy relationship with Arab Transit. Our team of responsive and dedicated professionals are available 24/7 all year long to provide you with the best possible solutions, while continuously adapting to your needs as you grow and transform, which is why we’re happy to be labeled as your Trusted Logistics Partner.


Logistics has become a significant area of interest globally and is seen as a means to enhance firms’ performance, outcomes, and profitability.

Due to Arab Transit’s thorough understanding in logistics across different industries in the region, the company is in a position to act as a logistics consultant for varied projects in the region; to advise on the most efficient and cost effective method of delivering and storing cargo, as well as the best routes for transportation.


Arab Transit is keen on investing in new technologies that aim to increase transparency, accountability, and reliability across the supply chain. As part of our client-focused approach, we have implemented a new web-based system that aims to enhance communication and interaction between related parties to a particular project.

Related parties will have continuous updates regarding the whereabouts and the status of the shipments.

Our team is dedicated to continuously enhance the client’s experience with communication, as it helps us further evaluate our solutions and KPI’s towards the client’s needs.